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St. Petersburg Central

Located at 7019 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Fred Astaire St. Petersburg Central LOVES ballroom dancing! We teach "any dance that takes two people" including the elegant and stately Waltzes and Foxtrots, the energetic Swings, the sizzling Salsas, Rumbas and Cha Chas and the ever-popular Tango and Argentine Tango.

Located in St. Petersburg toward the beaches and Tyrone Square Mall, you’ll find a dance studio with 23 years of dance history! With continuous ownership and dance training, we’ve designed a system that works! We combine private dance lessons (one-on-one with a dance instructor), group dance lessons (one dance instructor and several dance students) and practice dance parties (a party to practice what dances you’re learning before going out to dance in public) to make you the dancer you’ve always dreamed of being!

Are you interested in fitness? We suggest combining private dance lessons with our Zumba classes! Want to meet new people? How about a private dance lesson plus three group dance classes this week? Would you like to attend a ballroom dance competition? Then our staff is perfect! Each and every one of them compete professionally in dance competitions! That should tell you just how serious we are about our dance skills! But, wow, do we love to have fun!

St. Petersburg Central is located on Central Avenue, between 66th Street and Park St. We have our own building in the "Complex 70" Park! We’re open from 11 am until 10 pm, Monday through Friday. Saturdays by appointment.

Please call 727-347-7700 or email us at StPeteCentral@FredAstaireTampaBay.com and let us know what type of dancing you'd like to learn.

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Michael Ponce de Leon Dance Studio Owner St. Pete Central FL and Dance Instructor

Michael was born in saucy Havana, Cuba. Ever since he could remember, his parents encouraged him to dance, but he did not take dancing seriously until he was 13 and discovered girls.

At the age of 16 Michael became a dance instructor and seven years ago he joined the Fred Astaire franchise and became a studio owner.

He believes dancing is the best business in the world to meet and connect with great people and train a talented staff.

You can reach Michael at 813-280-9909 or email him at MichaelPDL@FredAstaireTampaBay.com.



Johanna Wiles Dance Studio Owner St. Pete Central FL and Dance Instructor

A native from Argentina, Johanna Wiles moved to Florida as a teen. Prior to joining the Fred Astaire family she exceled in the marketing field of the automotive industry.

Music and dancing has been a part of Johanna’s life since she was a child.

She opened her studio so that she could share with others the enjoyment that dancing has always brought to her.

You can reach Johanna at 813-280-9909 or email her at JohannaW@FredAstaireTampaBay.com.


Dance Studio Manager / Dance Instructor

IVAN GRIGOROV Dance Studio Manager St. Petersburg FL Dance Instructor in Tampa Bay

Ivan was born and raised in Bulgaria. He came to the US to pursue the "American Dream" and is married with a son, Victor.

His son currently follows his father’s passion and has started ballroom dancing at the age of 8 years old.

Ivan started dancing at the age of twelve and has a passion for dancing and teaching the art.

Dancing is not Ivan’s only talent, but he also has received his degree as a computer engineer and a general contractor.

You can reach Ivan at 727-347-7700 or email him at IvanG@FredAstaireTampaBay.com.